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Bohler Welding: Unleashing the Power of Innovation in Welding

For over 85 years, Böhler Welding, a cornerstone of the voestalpine Böhler Welding Group, has been a driving force in the welding consumables industry. Renowned for their expertise in medium- to high-alloyed grades, they offer a diverse portfolio catering to a vast spectrum of arc welding processes.

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Unveiling a World of Welding Solutions

Böhler Welding's brilliance lies in the sheer diversity of their product range. Here's a comprehensive look at their core offerings:

Stick Electrodes (MMA/SMAW):

  • Mild steel fabrication (buildings, bridges, etc.)
  • Pipeline construction (power plants, oil & gas pipelines)
  • Low-alloy steel structures (bridges, tanks, etc.)
  • Stainless steel equipment (food processing, chemical industries)
  • Specialized applications (nickel alloys for high-temperature environments, wear protection for abrasion resistance)
Product Examples:
  • Böhler FOX series (mild steel electrodes for exceptional weldability and crack resistance)
  • UTP 65 series (pipeline steel electrodes for cellulose-based applications)
  • Böhler AWS A5.1 series (low-alloy steel electrodes meeting specific AWS classifications)
  • Böhler FOX EAS series (stainless steel electrodes delivering superior corrosion resistance and finish)


  • General steel fabrication (workshops, metal furniture)
  • Shipbuilding (high-strength steels for demanding seafaring conditions)
  • Automotive manufacturing (lightweight, high-strength steels for car bodies)
  • Applications demanding specific properties (corrosion resistance in chemical plants, high strength in construction)
Product Types:
  • Solid wires for various materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) ensuring smooth arc characteristics and controlled deposition.
  • Cored wires offering benefits like:
    • Self-shielding: eliminates the need for external shielding gas, ideal for field applications.
    • Improved travel speed: facilitates faster welding, enhancing productivity.

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW):

  • High-productivity welding in heavy industries
  • Shipbuilding (longitudinal seams, deck connections)
  • Pressure vessel fabrication (chemical reactors, storage tanks)
  • Offshore constructions (pipelines, platforms)
  • Wire-flux combinations designed for compatibility and optimal weld performance on various materials, ensuring quality and efficiency in high-volume welding.

Tungsten Electrodes (GTAW):

  • Precision welding of critical components in demanding industries
  • Aerospace (engine components, lightweight structures)
  • Nuclear (reactor vessels, piping systems)
  • Other demanding industries (medical devices, electronics)
Product Types:

Diverse tungsten electrodes with varying properties (pure tungsten for stability, ceriated tungsten for arc stability and extended electrode life) corresponding to AWS classifications (e.g., WT20, WL20).

Additional Products:
  • Brazing consumables for joining dissimilar metals (think copper pipes to steel components).
  • Finishing chemicals for post-weld cleaning and treatment (slag removal, weld brightening).

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